Hi guys,

We’re coming back ~ For real this time but we need your help! We’re in desperate need of helpers on the team.





Please refer to this for how to apply and what you will need and how to apply.

For the most part we are fine, however I’m (vonne) usually the one who encodes and uploads for the team and that’s where everything slows down a bit because my internet upload speed isn’t as great as I’d like it to be (neither is my download but that’s a different story too). So if you can contribute please do consider. Even something like that can go a long way :)


- PPS Team.

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    We’re planning some big things and it’d be great if we could get more help on the team ~ :) Especially the big bold jobs...
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pinkpandasubs is a team of subbers dedicated to bringing english subtitled videos for pinkpanda's - a cube's 7 member girl group a-pink's fans - we aim to provide you with quality translations and videos.

Please do NOT take and re-upload, repost or redistribute without permission. When contents taken out, please give FULL credits to pinkpandasubs.

If you have any questions, please ask via askbox or tweet us at @pinkpandasubs on twitter. FYI: WE DO NOT TAKE SUBBING REQUESTS AT THE MOMENT.

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