[!!!] pinkpandasubs: Translators Recruitment



Requirements to become pps translator:

  •  Fluent in Korean and able to translate to English
  •  Easily contactable

If you can handle to what it takes to be one, fill out the form below and send it to pinkpandasubs@yahoo(dot)com !



Country (Timezone):


Are you currently a part of any other team?

Thank you so much for your consideration!

- Pink Panda Subs

Q: Hi. Why you all sub BOTF ep 1 and last ep only, not subbing the rest? - x-memories

Because inspiritsubs and apinksubs collaborated to sub their cuts together. We subbed cuts we wanted to sub. If you’re looking for subbed Birth of Family please ask the respective subbing teams instead!

Q: Hi. the progress tab isn't working, i wonder if its a archive of everything the team subbed? i watched some other stuff you guys subbed that are not here, where can I find them to download? thank you! pandasubs fighting! :) - mulansnark

/archive here’s our archive~

We’re going to slowly work on a page for DL, including for our recent subbed weekly idol episode! Sorry for the inconvenience! ^^

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pinkpandasubs is a team of subbers dedicated to bringing english subtitled videos for pinkpanda's - a cube's 7 member girl group a-pink's fans - we aim to provide you with quality translations and videos.

Please do NOT take and re-upload, repost or redistribute without permission. When contents taken out, please give FULL credits to pinkpandasubs.

If you have any questions, please ask via askbox or tweet us at @pinkpandasubs on twitter. FYI: WE DO NOT TAKE SUBBING REQUESTS AT THE MOMENT.

[!] We are looking for KOR-ENG TRANSLATORS to join our team